Our Strategic Communications Process

Infinite curiosity is the basis of our strategic communications process. It allows us to sharpen the relevance of your message as well as the effectiveness of how your stakeholders act on it. When an organization or brand story is internalized by an audience, it grows. Employee effectiveness is enhanced. Media interest is piqued. Consumers assume the role of brand ambassadors, resulting in exponential online and offline sharing. Our ability to identify connection points between you and your audiences is based on years of experience including advertising, research, coaching, media relations, digital communications, consumer marketing, crisis communications, and stakeholder engagement.

Fundamentally, Communications Coaching begins and ends with relationship building. We engage your consumers, constituents, funders, influencers, employees, prospects, and other important groups in conversations that dig deeply into the “Why’s?” of your category. We mine your organization and its operating environment for ideas, building trust along the way. We meet your audiences when and where they are most reflective. Conference rooms and board rooms are fine. However, boardwalks at the beach, coffee shops, Capitol Hill corridors, online communities and convenience stores are even better. These relationships set the critical path for communications program development.

Our Strategic Communications Process

We build teams around you and your communications requirements. You, and key members of your organization, become essential team partners. We are not an agency with in-house overhead to manage (and charge back to you). On the contrary, we are responsive, flexible communications professionals who directly engage in all aspects of research inquiry, communications program development, implementation, and effectiveness tracking.

Let’s begin a dialogue about building your communications strategy. Contact us to get started.