So, What’s Our Story

Julie Garel and Dave Groobert - Communications Professionals - Our StoryWe launched our new company, Pratt Street Communications, on April 4th of this year. On the home page of our website, we refer to ourselves as storytellers. We’re consumed with figuring-out the answer to the question “Why?” for clients, so we can craft stories that capture the truths about their brands, their products and services, and their organizational missions.

So, what’s our story? Why did we both leave great jobs to start our new marketing consultancy?

The answer is based on our shared trait of infinite curiosity and our shared quest for knowledge, in both our professional and personal lives.

Professionally, we’re both seekers of clarity among the clutter of data and competing communications noise. We both like combing through the complex in search of the simple: The simple truth that is revealed through conversations with key audiences. The simple, motivating messaging that will resonate. The simple story, told elegantly in writing, in person, or online.

We also both love the creative process: imaginative research methodologies, innovative strategic planning, and insightful communications messaging.

The name of our company comes from where we first met – at Doner Advertising agency on Pratt Street in Baltimore. Doner was a place where creativity shined. Where we worked on insight-driven marketing strategies (Julie) and integrated public relations (Dave) to generate results for national clients in multiple sectors. And, we’ve employed our own strategic creativity in a number of other for profit and non-profit positions since then, always keeping in touch, and coming full-circle to partner in this new consultancy.

Personally, we’re consulting so that we can also devote time to continuing our education. Dave is pursing a master’s degree in management and leadership, with the goal of teaching communications at the college or university level. Julie, who already holds two master’s degrees, is working toward a third master’s, in liberal studies. Obtaining these degrees is an expression of our own infinite curiosity at a personal level.

Time is of the essence in today’s digital world. People can satisfy their own curiosity with a few clicks of their keyboard or a few taps on their smartphone. We all seek answers to a myriad of “Why?” questions. Why should I buy a product or support a cause? Why should I invest in a stock, or donate money to a nonprofit? Why should I accept a job, or volunteer my valuable time?

We look forward to helping organizations discover answers to the set of “Why?” questions that are asked by their target audiences.

That’s why we started Pratt Street Communications.

—Dave & Julie

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