Our Communications Services

Stakeholder Engagement & Facilitation

Your organization’s ability to thrive is dependent upon the words and deeds of many. Employees, current and former customers, funders, online communities, voters, suppliers, and others in influential positions all possess a stake in your ultimate effectiveness. Rarely does an organization have the capacity to objectively explore the views of key stakeholders. Yet, to ignore these opinions and perceptions may be to overlook obstacles or opportunities. Pratt Street Communications creates a process to engage in meaningful dialogue with key stakeholders so that issues can be fully understood and effectively addressed. We also facilitate strategic planning and ideation sessions with stakeholders. Results from these sessions can help form the cornerstone of future research and communications development work.

Research, Inquiry, & Discovery

We believe research is the beginning of creativity. Done correctly, the questions asked, the settings explored, and the relationships forged can lead to remarkable marketing and communications insights. Pratt Street Communications brings your key audiences into the conversation so their views are represented. The tools we employ extend from quantitative studies to online research to in-depth qualitative techniques. Most importantly, we create a research process that reveals how your story can be uniquely written, designed, and delivered.

Communications Consensus Building

Having a clear and concise strategic framework universally embraced by internal constituents is critical to the success of any communications program. Our facilitated communications strategy development sessions are dedicated to the exploration of topics central to the success of your program. We guide you through a discussion of purpose and goals, key stakeholders or target audiences, strategic assets, key messaging, vision & beliefs, and other topics that demand internal consensus. We lead a highly interactive conversation that results in alignment around important communications-related issues and opportunities. No matter how complex your organization, how challenging your situation, or how diverse your target audiences might be, the outcomes of our facilitated communications program consensus-building session will reap consistent and measurable results upon implementation.

Storytelling & Communications Program Development

We can develop all the components of your story or identity. From graphic design to media placement – paid and unpaid, traditional and digital. We will work with your team to create a targeted, integrated program. If necessary, we can bring in team resources to complement your in-house capabilities including: public affairs and lobbying support, investor relations, collateral and web design, digital strategists, video production, advertising creation and placement, special events, experiential marketing programs, and other services. We customize programs to be consistent with the needs of your organization.

Media and Presentation Training

Telling your story directly, through the print, online and broadcast media is a powerful way to reach constituents. Having key messages and supporting points is necessary, but knowing how to deliver your key messages successfully is particularly important. In our media training session, we teach your spokespeople and corporate executives how the media operate, what they need from a spokesperson, how to respond to difficult questions, and how to “take control” to effectively deliver key messages that will appear in the resulting story.

Writing and Editing

Despite the staccato messages of the Internet era, effective business and marketing writing still matters, if you want to compel your reader to think or act. We are expert in all writing formats including, but not limited to: brief social media messages, news releases, white papers, brochures, website copy, and annual reports. We know how to write powerfully, so your words will have a lasting impact. We know how to write simply, conveying complex information in a way that is easily understood. And, we know how to write creatively, drawing-in the reader so that a relationship is forged.

Communications Program Evaluation

Pratt Street Communications also designs communications evaluation programs that assess the success of message uptake among each of your key stakeholder groups. Do employees consistently use the designated key messages clearly and effectively? Have they internalized the story of your organization? To what degree have customers and other external audiences viewed your story? How have they reacted? These are among the critical questions we can help you address once you’ve launched your program.

Crisis Communications

In today’s online world where news (real or imagined) goes viral in just minutes, responding to a crisis quickly and effectively is critical. Product defects, personnel issues, financial problems, security breaches, workplace events and other unexpected situations can quickly race out of control. Preparing in advance, by having an effective crisis communications plan, allows the best response. We can help you develop your crisis plan. And if a crisis does arise, we can assist you immediately, working with in-house communications teams and senior executives, as well as legal counsel, HR, IT, and others, to message, mitigate, and manage the situation.

Let’s begin a dialogue about building your communications strategy. Contact us to get started.