Communications DNA mutates. Innovation needed to survive.

dna-163466_1280Agencies, media firms, and creative consultants are restless beasts.  We’re naturally focused on new ways of elevating creativity and marketplace response.  Emerging forms of communication and technology platforms are chief among the strategies we now consider in our zeal to reap positive reputation, consumer recommendations, and increased share (of mind and pocketbook) for our clients.

The landscape of messaging delivery systems is mutating in front of our eyes, like a psychedelic viral agent that threatens to level us unless we continually feed it brilliant ideas.

One noticeable new trend is the blurring of lines between what were once discrete communications strategies.  Public relations, event marketing, and digital content creation now share a common DNA.  Cases in point include:

  • Organic Valley dairy farmers’ temporary pop-up store in New York City that sold its half-and-half product.  Yup, that’s it.  Just half-and-half.  (But it is available in three sarcastically named sizes.) The video content created to support this event shows trendy New Yorkers waiting in line to order Organic Valley half-and-half.  For some intrepid hipsters, there is simply no irony in their search for premium, organic, artisanal products.  This three-dimensional, tongue-in-cheek campaign delivers PR value, digital content, and real consumer trial simultaneously while imbuing the brand with personality and quality perceptions in the process.
  • Kolcraft went three-dimensional in its effort to help new and prospective parents overcome the shopping hurdles associated with premium baby stroller purchases.  They build an adult-sized replica of their product, and allowed parents to take it on a test drive.  How else can a parent obtain honest feedback on the smooth ride afforded by those Contours Bliss wheels?  Infants are unreliable spokespeople at best.  A promotional video and news coverage allowed the activity to be enjoyed across multiple media platforms.
  • Delray Beach, Florida craft beer company, Saltwater Brewery, solved a legitimately confounding sustainability issue.  They created a six-pack ring holder that forgoes marine life-choking plastic, instead opting for an edible substance that feeds fish.  Yup, the rings are created from beer by-products during the brewing process.  The six-pack rings are completely safe for fish (and slightly inebriated humans) to eat.

Clearly, communications and media firms that possess the vision to adapt to this new communications DNA will reap the benefits.  Creative briefs must simultaneously be consumer-insight focused and execution agnostic.  Intellectual property and licensing, events, PR, video and image content, partnerships, and data analytics are among the new sources of innovation available to creative marketers.   Account executives managing marketing campaigns need to be multichannel, multidisciplinary strategic thinkers, as noted in my partner’s recent blog post.  This is all just plain evolutionary theory at work.



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